New Products & Companies Scouting

We are very familiar with the Italian industrial framework in the Luxury Products, Furniture and Decoration markets, and put our know how at disposal of our Customers.

Basically we work in two ways:

  1. We provide our Customer with informations about what’s new in a specific market, let’s say women bags. We would monitor fairs, magazines, specialized sources and would provide the specific relevant informations
  2. We submit to our Customers what we think could be feasible for them according to their sales history and target, for a variety of products, and just suggest new ones to add

The same for new Companies.

Company / Trademarks acquistion

Basing on the specific requirements we can look for alternatives and submit the profile of the candidates, together with all the public available informations.

Private Label

Do you want to add a “Made in Italy” product to your Line? Give us your requirements, and we will provide alternatives and all the necessary informations. We will take you to visit the factories and you choose the most interesting.


In case you don’t have your own we can suggest the full range of consultants you might need to close a deal, from lawyers to any required service (trademark investigations, tax compliances, etc).